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Don’t bother

I got the game thinking it looked fun. I enjoyed chapter 1, so at the end of it I paid 2.99 for chapter two only to wait months for it to actually be released. Now I beat chapter two and it wants 2.99 more for chapter three. This is such a rip off as the game play is not near long enough to warrant being 3 dollars a chapter. I def will not be purchasing chapter 3 and will be promptly deleting the app completely.

LOVE the game, but prices are RIDICULOUS

This game is so cute and fun, and it keeps me busy forever, but they over charge for chapters. They charge you $3 to get chapter 2, then proceed to say “welp, you have to wait for new chapters after this, sorry!” And it’s been months. I will come back and re-rate this game to 5 stars ONLY if they don’t keep charging for chapter after chapter like that. All in all, this game would be a TOTAL 5 stars if only it were not for the bad pricing.

Long waits

The chapters come out so far apart. Is there even gonna be a chapter 4?

Do not purchase unless you plan

On spending a lot of money. Each time you make it past a stage you have to pay extra.. just for them to say more is on its way. Not worth it.

Scam for money

They let you play ONE level! Then you have to pay THREE DOLLARS to play the only other level available

Good but really short

This bad game after one or two level needs to pay for continuing 😤😤😤


Fun until you need to pay for the rest of the game

I thought it was free?

I played through about 2 or 3 levels before getting asked if I wanted to pay $2.99 to continue on. Pretty disappointed because it was fun up until that. I mean making it free but then asking for money after the first 3 or so levels, c’mon?

Fun but what about an update?

I accidentally paid for this game without verifying purchase. Oh well. I went ahead and played without complaint. I was thinking it would be a longer level for the price. Alas, wasn't really that long. So we are promised there is more to come. My fear is two things: 1) they will never make the next extension and I am out $3 for something that should have been cheaper for what it offered. 2) they will make a few more minutes of game play and try to get me to pay more for more or not make any levels afterward. Most games that charge for extra levels charge a small amount or a lump price for all and all to come. $3 is too much for what you get without knowing when or if you'll get more. ***Original review 7/20/17. Update 5/10/18*** I had deleted the game assuming there would be no update. I had owned the games for several months prior to my original review. Redownloaded game after seeing they finally updated. I had paid $3 for chapter 2 and waited almost a year before they released it. Well, I now played through chapter 2 and it took about 30-45 minutes. They game and puzzles are still fun. It does seem, however, some are just lazy i.e. simon game and a memory game that gives no flash hint. However, now it requires another $3 to play another chapter. This is the last time I will be playing the game. I still feel $3 is too much to pay for each chapter when there is no replay value (missed secrets, alternate methods, etc.) I refuse to pay for another chapter that may or may not be finished.

Ok but not worth $2.99

The game is quite engaging but there’s just enough to it for the price. Also the saves aren’t frequent enough so I have to replay many times.

Short (for now) but worth it

Very fun and creative puzzle game. There are only two chapters for now, I hope they release more.

Completely and utterly frustrated to the max!

This game has it’s enjoyable bits but some of the mini games are just ridiculous like, (The TV Match game) I literally just want to delete this piece of crap game because of this one stupid puzzle. If anything came out of me wasting 3 dollars is that I learned that I need to read a bunch of reviews before I waste money again. Thanx a lot for the lesson!!!


Love it!

Very short game

Really? That’s it for &2.99. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Total rip off!


I wanted to love this quirky game... but I am not paying $3 for two chapters at a time. I’ll go play a FULLY developed game that cost the same amount and has MORE levels. You lost a customer. Bye.

Love it

Awesome game


It’s fun so far. I’m early in the game, but I like it a lot.


Absolutely amazing game. It’s a real fun pastime activity


Really fun game. Good for problem solving skills, but I wish you did not have to pay to play the next level of the game

Too much $$$

I paid $2.99 for the first chapter over the summer because I thought this was a fun game. They finally updated it (6 months later) and I was able to play the second chapter...well part of it. They want another $2.99 to be able to finish the second chapter! BEWARE! I'm sure they'll want another $2.99 for the 3rd chapter when they update it in another 6 months!

Waited pretty much a year for only one update

Are you guys just wanking off at the office? Hopefully you’re using my money for quality vids after I got screwed outta my money. Fun at first with so many promises then just lazy puzzles... and the latest update that FINALLY came made me start over from chapter 2 lame. Real lame.

Short game

Good puzzles and fun animations. When is the next chapter coming

More money?

Do I have to pay for every chapter now?

Slow play. Repeated efforts. Not that great

Ok game if it’s the only game available - ever

The best game ever


$2.99 for every level is stupid.

Could’ve been a fun game, but I’m not paying you for every level. Fix it. And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in that sentiment.

Just keeps getting worse.

I paid $2.99 for the short second chapter back when it released. I didn’t know if we’d ever see more of the game, but they finally added a third chapter. Only problem is, I had to replay the second chapter again. And they added an annoying memory game to it, where you’re blindly tapping on TV screens to see what’s on them, hoping you’ll find enough matches before you run out of the six attempts. It’s completely random each time so you can’t learn from previous failed attempts. And I can’t access chapter 3 until I pass this. This game started off interesting but it’s clear these developers don’t really know what they’re doing. I’m inclined to just give up and move on. I definitely won’t be giving them any more of my money. Update: I finally got past that miserable puzzle and made some progress, but the game didn’t stay in my memory when I minimized it. When I continued, it loaded up right BEFORE that godd***ed memory ****! This is a torture simulator, not a game. Update 2: Since I write about mobile games for a living, I spent the $2.99 on Chapter 3. I was enjoying it...until I hit a timed platforming section with terrible controls. Since the game doesn’t save mid-chapter, I can’t take a break and come back when I’m less angry and frustrated, because then I would have to redo everything up to that point. This game has interesting puzzles broken up with the worst and most annoying mini games. Just avoid it if you’re not a masochist.

$2.99 a chapter for about 30 minutes of game play 😕

First, the game is quirky. The characters and style are fun and really the heart of the game. The puzzles are not exceptionally difficult which is fine because you want to see what is going to happen to the characters. Here is the problem, each chapter only takes about 30 minutes to complete and then you have to pay $2.99 for the next chapter. Now I got the game way back when it first came out. I enjoyed the free teaser chapter and paid $2.99 to get chapter 2 when it finally came out. That was a big leap of faith because it was MONTHS before chapter 2 finally arrived. To then play for 30 minutes and find that another $2.99 is required to play chapter 3 for likely only 30 minutes is just ridiculous and feels like a rip off.

Greedy people

Avoid this game!!!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD or PLAY!!!! The game is fun and i love it. But did you know that u pay almost $3 for each chapter? And chapter 3 still not yet complete and still they charge you for it. By the way, they are not clear about the pay per chapter concept. That’s how they trick you and scam you for your money. This game should clearly mention their price setup from the beginning so we can decide if we agree with this or not. And don’t think you will be playing a lot for each chapter! Chapters are too short and u can easily finish a chapter in 15 or 20 minutes! All i can say is that this game and the developers are hungry for your money! Avoid this game and move on to a better one that is worth your money. Is Apple aware of such scam?

Buyer beware!!

*** update**** they make you pay $2.99 for each chapter!! It’s a good game, but it’s not worth $3 every 30 minutes! I would give this 5 stars, however there are only 2 chapters. I paid $2.99 to get the full version after it prompted me to after chapter one. If I'd have known it was only one more chapter after I paid $3 I would've waited til more levels were added. I really hope they do not expect me to pay additional money for the next chapters:-/


The game is pretty average, nothing out of the ordinary for a free game. I was somewhat having fun, until I finished the chapter and it told me I had to pay $2.99 to play the next chapter. Honestly disappointing and I would’ve probably bought the game had they had advertised it as a pay-to-play game, but they trick you into playing it by saying it’s “free” when really, you play for 20 minutes and then you have to pay to keep playing. Seriously disappointing. I would rate this game lower than 1 star if I could.


This is a lovely game, back to puzzle basics. It’s episodic so you have to pay for each chapter, but then games of this caliber and hard work should not come for $0.99. That said, the chapters are short. For the developers, the design for iPhone X in the latest chapter - the screen is cut off in mini games, seeing and using controls quite difficult. Given the home gesture area we have 1/3rd to of the buttons to use. Oh, also, the hints. If you pay $2.99 per chapter recharge the hints for folks. I’ve not used any except accidentally, but I can see not have any after you just paying for a chapter nickel & diming.

Keeps starting over at the beginning

I tried to play the new chapter 2, but if you don’t play it all the way through in one sitting, it makes you start over from the beginning each time you play. After the third time of this I gave up and deleted the game.


This game was a lot of fun to play and really interesting until you realize you have to pay $2.99 after EVERY level in this game! I did it once and thought it was a one time fee to buy the game. Such bull crap! Can’t believe you have to pay for every level! And the game isn’t even complete yet, i definitely asked my for refund with this game. I find it very misleading that they request money for every level. Don’t waste your money, they are just out to steal your money. No thanks!


This app is not free and not fun

Seriously? Another $2.99?

Honestly it’s a good game. But it’s TOOOO short! I paid 2.99 for chapter 2 thought it should give me the full game, 15 mins finished it. And now chap 3 is asking another $2.99????!!!! Are you serious? Make it longer or this game does not worth the money!!

2.99 for Chapters ?? Ridiculous .

I downloaded this game about a week ago and i enjoyed the first chapter until i got to the end and i was asked to pay 2.99 for the second chapter... after that i just deleted the app . Who charges $2.99 for chapters in a game??


This app is a complete ripoff. You’d expect a lot for $2.99, sadly no. Constantly asking for more money. DO NOT BUY THIS APP. I want my money back!!!

Fun game but the devs are greedy.

Usually if you buy a game, it’s either free or a one time price. When this game first came out I paid 2.99 for the extra chapter (about a year or more ago), I signed up to be notified when new chapters were available. I a. was never notified of the new chapters and b. am appalled at the fact that they are asking for MORE money. I’ve already paid, why am I paying more for new levels???? This game should be no more than $3 but you want $6?? And after I finish chapter 3 you will ask for another $3?? I think NOT. Take caution before purchasing!!

$2.99 for new chapter that last 5 minutes ($10 total cost)

UPDATED JAN 16, 2018 So dishonest. Game is fun, to be fair. But SHORT. The developers promised a new chapter but it costs an EXTRA $3... and I finished it in less than an hour. Wish I could give you zero stars. I will never buy from this developer again.

Great game but I thought you only had to pay once

I honestly enjoyed playing this game. It makes you think until you find out the solution. Overall, great game and concept. The only issue i have with this is the price. When I paid it said the next updates would be free, but after finishing chapter 2 it made me pay again for chapter 3. I would understand it if the game was longer but in reality it felt shorter than the first chapter. If you’re not gonna give free content and keep charging 3 dollars per chapter then count me out.

What? 2.99 for one level?

The new Cube Escape costs $2.99 and the game is massive, detailed and beautiful. This game is well designed and fun to play but nowhere as deep as CE - not even close. I don’t see how the developers can justify another 2.99 for a single level that may take 20 mins to complete. Sorry, but you guys need to fix this... we already paid 2.99 last time around.

Save you $$

Pretty similar experience to other reviewers. This game is actually a fun game, however, you have to pay $2.99 for EACH chapter. Each chapter has lasted me maybe a couple hours of game play (if that). Not worth the money, if you ask me.


So this game is good! But they lure you in with a little gameplay and pull the ol’ bait and switch. So I liked this game so much I paid $2.99 for the game. BUT! Only to find out that it’s $2.99 per chapter. Do not support these click bait con artists. We don’t need greedy developers like this in the app world. Pay to play sure... but don’t go broke.


Very good game. Greedy developer. You were warned. Play the free chapter then delete it like I plan to do now.

Was so excited even after having to pay once however..

I understand some developers having to charge for part two, three, etc., But when it's posted for FREE and then you pay once, it's possibly understandable. However. When the developers say there's more chapters to come, and then they ask to charge you AGAIN for chapter 3!?? That is unacceptable. That is bs. And it truly makes me very sad because the game itself is an absolute blast with super interesting game play. :(

Double 2.99 payment for chapters 2 and 3

2, yes 2, purchases must be made for the game. I made them both because I greatly love this game, but unfortunately, that’s a very bad way to treat your fans and players of the game. I thought it was 2.99 to play the full game and any updates that would come in the future. Guess not. It also took them a YEAR to release chapters 2 extension and 3. So. See u all again in 2019 where they make us pay another 2.99

So fun!!

Unique escape game!

Literal cliff hanger.

Well this game is great. Although sooner then you get an apple receipt the game is over. Please up date this game. Do not pull a bit runner on me. This was a review never sent four months ago. Now that I’ve re-downloaded the game, the developer is asking for more capital for content I’ve already discovered. Unfortunately this game is a scam. Shmucks.



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